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Driver Education

Online driver education

Welcome to Driver Education, one of California’s most effective online driver programs.

We offer DMV sample permit tests as well as the DMV video test so you can study and look over the questions as many times as you like. When you are finished with our course we will send you your completion certificate.

Our website is very easy to use. When you register, you can choose your own password and username to gain access to the course.

Our years of experience allows us to offer quality online driver education for teens.

This course was created to be as convenient and as interesting as possible. Our online program was designed to include interactive games and videos to keep you learning while actually enjoying your time on our site.

This course is divided into 10 chapters, with video interaction and video clips throughout. Once you finish each chapter you will have a short quiz to test your knowledge. You must get a 
mandatory 75% to move on to the next chapter. When you pass the quiz, you will be able to save your score. If you missed too many questions, you will be able to go back and read over the material and retake the quiz. The computer will grade the tests and you will know immediately if you have passed.

Upon successful completion of the driver education course, we will send the original certificate of completion to you. Your fee for the course includes the entire program and the completion 


Online Driver Education & 6 Hours Driver   Training Package
(Minors Only)

Pay only  a $65.00 deposit  now,  then $395.00 when you come back and register for our 6 hours behind the wheel package.

Students registering for the bundle package of driver training with  either online driver education or classroom driver education should  call our office to make sure your zip code qualifies for free pick up  and drop off. Our pricing is only for minors. Adults please call our office for rates.

Freeway Driving & Traffic School requires that cancellation of a scheduled appointment be made 24 hours before the scheduled date and time. For cancellations that are less than 24 hours, and "no shows"  there will be a $50.00 fee added that must be paid before the next lesson. "No show includes, but are not limited to, 1. Student not having permit at time of appointment. 2. Student not reachable: (ie; moved to new address, phone number not working, changed, home, but no answer, dogs in yard, ect...) We have a very strict no refund policy-NO EXCEPTIONS!

Promotional package pricing for driver education, and driver training is good for up to 1 year from date of registration, or 18th birthday, which ever comes first. Should promotional pricing increase, within a 12 month period from original date of registration, the customer is still guranteed the lower price originally registered. After a 12 month period from the original date of registration, either for online driver education or driver training, students who do not complete the program within this time frame, here by forfeit any balance and remaining hours.

Replacement driver education and or driver training certificates are available at a replacement fee of  $35.00. Please call  our office to make arrangements for a new certificate.

We reserve the right to cancel, and re-schedule an appointment at any time without prior notice 
classroom driver education may be canceled at anytime for any reason, or unforeseen event due to last minute emergencies, illness, traffic, weather conditions, and vehicle malfunctions.

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